Anonymous said: how do I convince my girlfriend to do anal????? I want to put it in "the wrong hole" so bad! (im 18, shes 18)

Do what any self-respecting male would do…

Moment of Win #001

So last night I met this lady in a bar. A bit older than me, quite intelligent and as she said “really into submission”. So we had a few drinks and headed off to her place. We talked over a cigar and suddenly, after I told her that I’m into femdom sometimes, she decided she wanted to turn this into a femdom party. I stressed several times that I was not in the mood for this, but she insisted. Few minutes later she’s all screaming "You don’t cum unless I tell you, bitch! I own you! You are my machine!" and in my mind I’m like "WTF?!". Couple of hours later after being tied, spanked, sort of humiliated and abused, and after I have heard the "… are my machine!" bullshit a few thousand times, I found myself to be bored to death, while she is actually almost done with this shit. So she is all like "Yeah, yeah… *weird orgasm noises* you can cum now!" and falls down nearly passed out, and I’m not even close. So I tell that bitch "Untie me!", which she did and which was her second mistake for the evening. So I grab her by the throat, throw her on her back on the bed, with her head hanging from the side of the bed. Turn her over and start facefucking her right there. A few minutes later I piss a little in her mouth. So after a few sessions of "facerape and mouthpiss with occassional spit in her mouth, faceslap, nosegrab, throatgrab, hairpull and faceslap with a dick" her face is like I’ve been bashing it with a pipe for ten days. Her face, the bed and the floor are all covered in puke, piss and drool, so I decide it’s time to end it all and cover her throat with cum. And of course a little bit of piss to clean it all. So I leave that slut crying, almost suffocated and covered in all sorts of bodily fluids and lots of makeup and go to clean myself up. A few minutes later I left her house, leaving a few coins on the bedstand.

So you may be wondering “Why is this guy telling us that shit?”. Well… she just called me on my cell and asked to come over to my place.

Surprise, surprise!

You already saw how I like my women… But I wouldn’t turn her down.

How I like my women!

Because being strapon-fucked is not enough. No! It has to be an ugly bitch, too!

My idea of a nice Sunday afternoon!